Successful roundtable on Archaeology, ISIS, and World Heritage.

On October 29, the AIA Akron-Kent Society and Muslim Students Association co-sponsored a very successful roundtable discussion on archaeology, ISIS, and the destruction of world heritage. Four presenters offered perspectives from different perspectives. Lawyer Larry Tucker (above, right) explained the legal protections that regulate the trafficking in antiquities, and the problems associated with enforcing international agreements. Amal Almahd (above, left), president of the Muslim Students Association, provided a personal, religious, and cultural assessment of the meaning and motivations behind ISIS’s attacks on archaeological monuments. Archaeologist Timothy Matney discussed the use of ancient sites and materials as both raw materials and as powerful symbols used to support the political motivations of ISIS. Historian Janet Klein (above, center) provided an historical perspective on the sources of tension and conflict of the region since Ottoman times. An enthusiastic audience of over 100 people participated in the discussion, moderated by Mr. Tucker. It was a thoughtful evening about a difficult subject. Thanks to all for participating.

Also, thanks to Klansee Stevens for the photographs!

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