Empires and Water in the Ancient Near East


Please join us for the last of our fall lecture series when Dr. Mehrnoush Soroush (University of Akron) presents her recent research on “Empires and Water Management in the Cradle of Civilization” on Thursday, November 3, 2016 at 7:00 p.m. The talk will be held in the Duke Auditorium (Room 124), Olin Hall, University of Akron.

The world’s earliest civilizations emerged along the large, permanent rivers of the arid regions of the Fertile Crescent: Egypt and Mesopotamia. The rulers of these civilizations boasted about their ability to tame and bend the limited available water resources to their desires, and the remains of several monumental ancient waterworks attest to their achievements. Have you ever wondered how representative these monuments are of the overall practice of water management in the ancient world? Outside of a few royal projects, how much, in reality, did the rulers of these societies engage with the everyday needs of water provision? This lecture will discuss the role of ancient empires and states in water management, the connection between water and the ideology of kingship, as well as the relationship between perception, i.e. royal propaganda, and the practice of water management as gleaned from historical and archaeological evidence.

Please come and enjoy light refreshments and the meet the speaker prior to the lecture, starting at 6:30pm at the lecture hall.

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