Upcoming lecture on Neolithic Albania

The second of our Spring 2017 lecturers will be presented on Thursday, March 9 at 7:00pm in the Folk Hall Auditorium of the University of Akron. The talk entitled “Wetlands and Early Farmers in Europe: The Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project” will be presented by Dr. Susan Allen of the University of Cincinnati.


The Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project’s (SANAP) regional reconnaissance of Early Neolithic sites in 2006 and excavation at Vashtëmi in 2010, 2011, and 2013 sheds new light on the significance of wetlands in the transition to agriculture in southern Europe. Radiocarbon dates from the site place its earliest occupation in the mid-seventh millennium B.C., contemporary with Early Neolithic (EN) sites to its south in Greece, making it one of the earliest farming sites in Europe. Importantly, the intensive sampling and recovery methodology used during excavation has yielded exceptionally complete assemblages of plant and animal remains. As the first systematically recovered zooarchaeological and archaeobotanical assemblages from an open-air EN site in Albania, they provide a first glimpse into the environmental conditions that early farmers had to negotiate in this former wetland setting and choices that people made concerning land management and resource exploitation.

Please come and enjoy light refreshments and the meet the speaker prior to the lecture, starting at 6:30pm in the foyer immediately outside of the lecture hall. For more information, please contact Dr. Timothy Matney (matney@uakron.edu), 330-972-6892

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