Past lectures

Here is a list comprising most of the speakers that we have hosted over the past decade. As you can see, our lecture series is wide-ranging and covers the entire spectrum of archaeological topics. Please let me know if you see an omission or error.


April 2017, Dr. Olivia Navarro-Farr, College of Wooster, “Statecraft and Sorcery: Lady K’abel; Princess of Kan and Queen of Wak’”

March 2017, Dr. Susan Allen, University of Cincinnati, “Wetlands and Early Farmers in Europe: The Southern Albania Neolithic Archaeological Project”

February 2017, Dr. Tina Greenfield, University of Manitoba “Sacrifice, Diet and Status: The Royal Cemetery at Ur”


November 2016,  Dr. Mehrnoush Soroush, University of Akron, “Empires and Water Management in the Cradle of Civilization”

October 2016, Dr. Neil Silberman, University of Massachusetts, Amhert (Joukowsky Lecturer) “Rebooting Antiquity: How Holy Wars, Media Hype, and Digital Technologies Are Changing the Face of 21st Century Archaeology”

September 2016, Dr. Evi Gorogianni, Dr. Gina Martino, Dr. John Green, Mr. Robert L. Tucker, University of Akron, Roundtable Discussion: “The Idea of Democracy, A 2,600-year-old Experiment: Success or Failure?”

April 2016, Dr. William Childs, Princeton University (Norton Lecturer) “Aesthetics and Greek Art of the 4th Century BC”

March 2016, Dr. Wayne Lee, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill “Chariots, Rams, and Helmets: Sharing Military Technology in the Bronze and Archaic Age Aegean”

March 2016, Mr. John Wallrodt, University of Cincinnati “First Impressions: Paperless Archaeology and Digital Humanities in the 21st Century”

February 2016, Dr. Michael Shott, University of Akron “How is a Rock Like a Deer? Figuring Out How Ancient Great Basin Natives Made Stone Tools”


November 2015, Dr. Krishni Burns, University of Akron “Theater and Ecstasy: Evidence for Altered States of Reality at the Magna Mater’s Theater Games”

October 2015, Dr. Janet Klein, Dr. Timothy Matney, Mr. Robert L. Tucker, Ms. Amal Amadh Roundtable Discussion: “Perspectives on Archaeology, ISIS, and the Destruction of World Heritage”

October 2015, Dr. Christine Hastorf, University of California, Berkeley “The Archaeology of Beer”

April 2015, Dr. John J. Dobbins, University of Virginia (Renner Lecturer) “Art, Archaeology, and Advanced Technology: The Case of the Alexander Mosaic at Pompeii”

March 2015, Dr. Robert Gaebel, University of Akron “The Archaeological Evidence for Greek and Roman Medicine”

February 2015, Dr. Kam Manahan, Kent State University “Recent Investigations at the Ancient Maya Center of Xuenkal, Yucatan, Mexico”


November 2014, Dr. Kim Shelton, University of California, Berkeley “Pottery, Paintings, and Pinakides: the latest dirt from Petsas House, Mycenae”

October 2014, Dr. Jarrod Burks, Ohio Valley Archaeology, Inc. “Archaeology’s Geophysical Survey Revolution: Rediscovering Ancient Earthworks in the Ohio Valley”

September 2014, Dr. Lena Papazoglou-Manioudaki, National Archaeological Museum (Athens, Greece)“Mycenae ”Rich in Gold” and the Island of Santorini on the Eve of the Volcanic Destruction in the Prehistoric Collection of the National Archaeological Museum, Athens”

April 2014, Dr. Kathleen Lynch, University of Cincinnati “Sex Sells, But Who’s Buying? Erotic Imagery on Athenian Vases”

March 2014, Dr. Linda Spurlock, Kent State University “Excavations at Manot Cave, Israel”

February 2014, Dr. Jack L. Davis, University of Cincinnati “The Palace of Nestor at Pylos, Re-exploring a Mycenaean Kingdom”


November 2013, Dr. Nigel Brush, Ashland College “Late Prehistoric Cultural Change in the Walhonding Valley, Coshocton County, Ohio: From the Medieval Warm Period through the Little Ice Age”

October 2013, Dr. William Fitzhugh, Smithsonian Institution “Genghis Kahn and the Mongol Empire”

September 2013, Dr.  J. Clayton Fant, University of Akron “Living Large in Campania’s Luxury Villas: Marble Use in the Vacation Houses of the Roman Elite”

April 2013, Dr. Elisha Dumser, University of Akron “Building Power, the architecture of Maxentius in Rome (306-312 CE)”

March 2013, Dr. Brian Rose, University of Pennsylvania “Monumental Tombs Near Troy: Recent Discoveries”

February 2013, Dr. Sarah Harvey, Kent State University “The 2011-2012 Seasons of the Vicus ad Martis Tudertium Project, Central Italy”


November 2012, Dr. Suzanne Richards, Gannon University “Khirbat Iskandar: A City in Collapse at the End of the Early Bronze Age”

October 2012, Dr. Michael Fuller, St. Louis Community College “DaVinci Code, Templars, and Archaeology”

September 2012, Dr. Earl Ertman, University of Akron “KV 63: First Tomb Found Since King Tutankhamen’s Tomb in the Valley of the Kings”

April 2012, Dr. Christine Thompson, University of Akron “Tarshish: Where Myth Meets Archaeology”

March 2012, Dr. Mark Aldenderfer, University of California, Merced “Silk Route and Diamond Path: The Archaeology of Tibetan Buddhism”


November 2011, Dr. Sharon Steadman, SUNY-Cortland “A Settlement Within Empires: 5,000 Years of Occupation at Çadir Höyük in Central Turkey”

October 2011, Dr. Rosemary Joyce, (Nadzia Borowski Lecturer) “The Early History of Chocolate”

April 2011, Dr. Timothy Matney, University of Akron “Rethinking the Assyrian Empire: Recent Archaeological Discoveries in the Frontier Provinces”

March 2011, Dr. Ronald Stroud, University of California, Berkeley” (Norton Lecturer) “Magic and Religion in Ancient Corinth”

February 2011, Mr. Laurent Dissard, University of California, Berkeley “Digging Ziyaret, Living in Tepe: Rescue Archaeology in a Kurdish Village”


December 2010, Dr. Kam Manahan, Kent State University “The Dynamics of State Expansion: Classic to Terminal Classic Transformations in the Maya Lowlands”

November 2010, Dr. Shannon LaFayette, University of Cincinnati “Quest for the Homeric Palaces: Archaeological Expeditions at Troy, Mycenae, and Pylos”

October 2010, Dr. Carla Sinopoli, University of Michigan “Crafting Empire: The archaeology of craft production in Vijayanagara, South India”


October 2009, Dr. Lindley Vann, University of Maryland “The Palace and Garden Complex of Kasayapa in Sigiriya”

March 2009, Dr. James Kus, California State University, Fresno “What’s New at Machu Picchu?”


November 2008, Dr. Marcello Barbanera, Universita di Roma, “La Sapienza” “The Metamorphosis of Ruins for Cultural Identity”

April 2008, Mr. Brian Janeway, University of Toronto “Tell Tayinat: 70 Years of Finds from a Neo-Hittite Capital in Eastern Turkey”

April 2008, Dr. Evi Gorogianni, University of Akron “Social Complexity in Bronze Age Cyclades: A View from Ayia Irini, Kea, Greece”

March 2008, Dr. Lanny Bell, Brown University “The Romance of Archaeology – NOT!: The University of Pennsylvania’s Theban Tomb Project”


October 2007, Dr. Kenneth Harl, Tulane University “Make Haste Slowly: Constantine, His Coinage, and the Conversion”

April 2007, Dr. Roger Wilson, University of British Columbia “Animals for the Arena: the Roman Wild Beast Trade”

March 2007, Dr. Robert Gaebel, University of Akron “Hoofprints from Antiquity: Xenophon as Equestrian”

February 2007, Dr. Carol Hershenson, University of Cincinnati “Houses and Hierarchy: Social Structure in the Architecture of Early Bronze Age Crete”


November 2006, Dr. Sandra Knudsen, Toledo Museum of Art “Exploring the Ancient Roman Seaside Villas at Stabiae: Focus on the Exhibition Now at the Toledo Museum of Art”

October 2006, Dr. Ronald Marchese, University of Minnesota, Duluth “The Archaeology of Nomads: An Ethnoarchaeological Interpretation in Rural Anatolia”

September 2006, Mr. Skeeter Kish, Sugar Creek Chapter, Archaeological Society of Ohio “The Atlatl: A Prehistoric Weapon of Mass Destruction?”

April 2006, Dr. Michael MacKinnon, University of Winnipeg “Animal Tales: Reconstructing the Roles of Animals in the Ancient Greek and Roman Worlds”

March 2006, Dr. Mark Seeman, Kent State University “Bow and Arrow Technology: Evidence for Pervasive Change in the Ohio Region at 700 AD”

February 2006, Dr. Kathleen Quinn, Northern Kentucky University “Byzantines, Crusaders and the Lost Settlement at Troy”


October 2005, Dr. Joanne Murphy, University of Akron “Rare Rituals: Evidence for Religious Practices in South Central Crete”